Inspiring Ways to Refresh Your Patio This Summer

After what feels like an eternity of bad weather, summer is finally here and this month R&J Landscapes are here to help you refresh your patio, so you can enjoy the sun and your garden to its full potential. Our landscaping experts have put together some cost effective, fun ways to spice up your garden so you can immerse yourself in your very own natural paradise.


By using a small amount of patterns, such as cushions on your outdoor chairs, you’ll add a dash of pizazz and style throughout your garden. The idea is to use a colour that’ll stick out from all the greenery, something that’ll add to the ‘wow’ factor. When choosing a colour of decoration you will want to select a colour that isn’t already in your garden.

Go with the flow…of air

On occasion it’s nice to sit outdoors even when it rains, but the breeze can sometimes be too much. Be in charge of the air flow by building up on your patio with an overhead structure that will protect you and your outdoor furniture from the harsh winds. On the flip side, during the summer this structure will offer shade in the glaring sun.

Create your own privacy

IMG_9362Open patios are a handy feature to have as they offer the perfect place to sit during a wonderfully warm day, keeping those chair indents in the grass to a minimum. That being said, we all have those days where we avoid sitting out in our gardens. Even if our neighbours are also our good friends, we don’t always feel like having a conversation, and sometimes all we want is to just sit in the peace and quiet. Invest in a private seating area by installing wooden/bamboo screens. Not only will it make your garden look like a tropical getaway but it will allow you the option for full undisturbed relaxation.

Add lighting

Fairy lights and solar lights are your garden’s best friend, they’re much better than an obtrusive spot light and they’re a great way to create the perfect evening atmosphere. Solar lights come in all shapes and sizes and they’re energy efficient, so you can look after the environment too. By adding lighting to your patio, you can enjoy an evening meal outside with your friends and family, or even sit on your patio at night with a drink in the warm summer air.

Add a patio to your landscape

PlantingA garden without a patio can look, believe it or not, too green. Adding a patio will open up your garden and give texture and life to the surroundings. You could add a stepping stone pathway through the middle of the garden, or decking to your patio and build upwards for a balcony that overlooks your masterpiece. By integrating a patio with personality to your garden it’ll really add a refreshing look to your space.

Establish soft borders

If your garden has very abrupt border then it’s time to soften those edges with tall trellises, the ideal way to refresh your patio. When installing these trellises leave a gap between them, it adds style and looks wonderful. You may also want to try planting ivy and other climbing plants that’ll weave in and out of the trellis fencing and offer a sweet scent to your patio area.

Enhance your walls

If your border is a brick wall, you may want to consider installing “living walls”. These systems contain cassettes where plants are potted and maintained with their very own built-in irrigation systems. Offer life to your walls and reap in the benefits of a greener garden by enhancing your walls. You will most certainly refresh your garden’s look.

Add the tranquility of a water feature

Whether it’s a big or small water feature, these centerpieces offer grandeur and tranquility to your patios. Also, the sound of running water amongst the lush grass and full flowers after a busy day will help to melt your thoughts away.

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