Why You Should Install Fencing in Winter

As we head towards the colder months with winter well and truly on the horizon, you’re probably not thinking about getting on top of your garden landscaping or outdoor improvements. 

While you may be more concerned about when to switch on the central heating or getting ready for Christmas, the winter months may actually be the best time to install a new fence. 

As well as providing your garden with additional privacy and security, a new fence can establish boundaries between you and your neighbours, boost your home’s value and kerb appeal and look great, too.

If you’ve been thinking about having a new fence installed but are putting it off until spring or summer, maybe you should think again.

Read on to discover why winter is actually the best time to get a new fence. 

Save money 

When it comes to having any renovations undertaken on your home or garden, cost is always going to be a factor. Typically, landscapers and garden contractors are busier in spring and summer when the demand for their services is higher. 

By opting to have a new fence installed at winter time, you might be able to make use of promotions and discounts on offer from landscaping companies who are trying to attract business during the quiet months. 

Landscaping is easier in winter 

Whether you’re installing a new fence yourself or calling in the professionals, the process is actually far easier during winter. This is because your plants, trees and shrubs tend to go dormant when it gets colder, meaning they’re less likely to be damaged during installation and you won’t have to spend time making sure they’re as protected as they may need to be in the summer.

Taking away this consideration can save time when installing a fence, speeding up the process for everyone involved.   

Make the most of the sunshine 

By making the decision to install your new fence in winter, it means that you’ll be able to make the most of your garden when it really counts – during the summer. Your fence will already be installed, so the installation process is not going to interfere with or disrupt any outdoor activities you may have planned.  

Whether it’s a summer barbeque, having fun with the kids or simply relaxing in your garden, getting all of the landscaping out of the way at a time when you aren’t using it as much means you’ll reap the benefit when you need it most. 

Quicker to install 

As previously mentioned, landscapers are usually extremely busy in spring and summer and it can be difficult to get hold of them. In fact, you may end up on a long waiting list that holds up your whole garden renovation plan. You want to enjoy your garden during the summer, and not worry about when your new fence is going to be sorted. 

By having your fence installed during the winter, you won’t have to worry about any of these waiting times, as contractors will probably be much more willing to work to your schedule. This way, your fence will be installed much quicker, meaning disruption is minimised and you can get on with enjoying your outdoor space.

Protect your garden from the winter weather 

Fences are always exposed to the elements, and over time the rain, wind and other barrages of British weather can take their toll.  

Cracking, warping and rotting wood are all good signs that your fence may need to be replaced, and doing so as the weather turns colder is recommended to protect the integrity of your property and prevent damage being caused to the rest of your garden. 

New fences are generally better at coping with wintry conditions, so if we do see the snow begin to fall or the temperatures rapidly plummet, it’ll be able to withstand the change in weather. 

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