Why Wildlife is Good for Your Garden

As we approach the end of spring and the weather (hopefully) begins to get warmer, we’re likely to spend more time in our gardens and outdoor spaces. 

By doing this, you’ll notice that we share our gardens with a whole host of furry friends who are more likely to come out and say hello during the warmer months. 

Gardens are full of life, and while it’s pleasant to look at the various animals, birds and insects – they can also bring a range of benefits.

In this article, we’ll discuss the wide range of reasons why wildlife is good for your garden.          

Soil in garden spade

Improve the quality of your garden’s soil 

It may seem strange but animal waste products can actually enhance the quality of the soil in your garden. Urine and animal faeces are rich in nutrients, and when released in your garden can help improve the minerals in the soil and increase its overall quality.

As well as this, wildlife is great at moving nutrients around and may bring other healthy minerals from different areas to your garden which it wouldn’t ordinarily have contact with. Animal waste can also help garden plants grow and make great additions to any compost heaps you may have.   

Help the local ecosystem 

Whether you live in a townhouse with a small garden or a rural part of the country with a vast landscape, every ecosystem is unique. All creatures, no matter how big or small, play a key role in helping it to thrive and you can as well.

By encouraging more wildlife into your garden you can contribute to the wellbeing of an ecosystem that’s right on your doorstep, and you can also have great fun watching all the different types of animals, birds and insects coexist.   


Combat climate change

Every little helps, and while you may not think you can do much from your little corner of the world, having wildlife in your garden can make a difference. The more plants and shrubbery you have in your garden, the more likely you are to attract insects that can help with pollination and enhance biodiversity.  

The more diverse your garden’s ecosystem, the better it is for the environment as it will produce more oxygen, clean air and water which are all essential in the fight against climate change.  

wildlife in garden

How to encourage more wildlife 

There are a number of ways how you can encourage more wildlife into your garden. The best way to do this is via planting. Whether you’re planting trees, hedges or plants, all help encourage more insects and birds. Some species will even begin using them as habitats, and you’re likely to find new types of birds nesting in your trees.

Depending on what kind of wildlife you’re looking to attract can dictate what plants you should implement in your garden. Different species like different things so be sure to do your research online to find out what’s best for you. For example, birds love sunflowers, bees are attracted to lavender and buddleia is a favourite of butterflies.

Additionally, creating bird feeders and birdbaths are a brilliant way to attract more birds into your garden. Birds are always on the lookout for food and frequently like to clean their feathers, so these two additions are a simple way to encourage them into your garden or outdoor space.

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