The Benefits of Artificial Grass

Looking to spruce up your garden ahead of the summer? Then why not consider artificial grass installation?

While there remains among some gardeners a certain snobbery around artificial turf, there needn’t be. Many modern homes have them in place and the benefits of artificial grass are plentiful.

At R&J Landscapes (London), we’ve spent over 30 years supplying quality artificial grass to domestic and commercial customers across Watford, Harrow and beyond – ensuring their outdoor space looks its best every time. 

artificial grass in garden

Little maintenance 

One of the biggest reasons that artificial grass is so popular is because it’s incredibly easy to maintain. There are no complex procedures you need to follow in terms of how to look after artificial grass; in fact, some simple brushing or raking to remove debris and leaves should be sufficient. 

Due to its artificial nature, no watering, mowing or application of weed killer is required. This means you don’t need to be concerned about your grass losing its lush green appearance, or about it becoming overgrown and wild.  

Always looks great

Aesthetics play a big role in every garden. Whether you’re a homeowner who likes to invite friends and family over or a commercial organisation with an outdoor space, ensuring your garden area looks its best is always going to be a priority. 

As previously mentioned, with artificial grass you don’t need to worry about performing regular maintenance to keep it in a good condition. It will look its best all year round, no matter what the British weather throws its way, meaning it’s sure to impress all visitors.   

Safe for children and pets

Thanks to its artificial nature, you don’t need to worry about having to use weedkillers or chemical pesticides to prevent the growth of nasty weeds. Plus, because the material the grass is made from does not contain food or beneficial living conditions for insects, there will be a lack of them, too.

This means that it’s a safe environment for children and pets to spend their time, allowing them to have fun playing on the grass without you having to worry about them being exposed to any harmful substances or insects. 

Long life span

Most artificial grass is manufactured using the most durable of materials. This means it’s usually incredibly long-lasting. Wondering ‘how long does artificial grass last?’ Well, it varies depending on the quality of the product you purchase, but on average you can expect your artificial grass to last between 7-15 years. So, if it’s longevity you’re after, artificial grass is always a worthwhile choice.    

No need to worry about shade 

Every garden is different, and receives a different amount of sunlight each day. This can mean that depending on the geography of your garden, there may be areas of your lawn that receive more sunlight than others. If you have natural grass, the areas that receive more shade can become faded, patchy and unappealing. This isn’t a problem with artificial grass, as no matter how much sunlight it receives, the colour and appearance remain consistent throughout the lawn. 

At R&J Landscapes (London), we’re fully approved contractors of quality artificial grass. We’re able to provide a range of products depending on your space and needs, and operate throughout Watford, Harrow and the surrounding areas. If you’re interested in artificial grass installation, contact our team today.