Should I Have Paving or Decking in My Garden?

If you’re looking to improve your living areas in and around your home, it’s likely that you’ve considered doing something with the garden. Make the most of the fresh air by creating a space outdoors where you can entertain and ask yourself, what’s the right decking for me? This month, R&J Landscapes are here to offer you the benefits of both paving and decking to help you make this decision. To find out whether you should have paving or decking in your garden, read on.

What can you do with decking?


Decking levels

There are a few levels to choose from when considering decking, including ground level, raised and multi-level. So depending on what you wish to use your decking for, you will want to work with varied decking levels.

  • Ground level decking – The most common choice because it’s quick and easy to install. A great addition to a garden that offers you a place to put your outdoor tables and chairs.
  • Raised decking – If your garden slopes, raised decking is the perfect solution that will provide you with a usable outdoor entertaining area – not to mention a lovely area where you can sit and enjoy the view of your natural landscape.
  • Multi-level decking – For ultimate luxury in your garden, this type of decking can transform any garden. Multi-level decking offers a home a variety of uses, including a seating area, BBQ area, a place for a hot tub or bar, perhaps even poolside decking.

Decking styles

  • Square – A simple shape that’s easy to install into a garden and offers more functional surface area.
  • Round – Better in larger, unique shaped gardens. Round decking looks especially nice around ponds.

Decking additions

  • Lighting – Makes your decking usable during the evening and night, the addition of light is ideal for safety but also very aesthetically pleasing. Be creative with your lighting, have hanging lights, spotlights or solar lamps.
  • Heat lamps – Make sure your decking isn’t just suitable for the summer. Heat lamps can enhance your evenings even when the temperature is low. With heat lamps you won’t be restricted to the indoors; embrace your new garden with the right adornments.
  • Shelter – Whether it’s scorching hot, drizzling or raining heavily, having a shelter over your decking will guarantee maximum your time outdoors.
  • Seating – Inbuilt seating is seamless and space saving. If you opt to have inbuilt seating all you will need is to add cushions for an extra level of comfort.

Pros and cons of decking

  • Pro: Generally a cheaper option
  • Con: Lower life expectancy
  • Pro: Looks luxurious and natural
  • Con: It can become weathered
  • Pro: A versatile material to build upon – i.e. shelter and seating

garden decking ideas

What can you do with paving?

block paving london

Paving levels

It’s nice to have levels in a garden to create depth and offer an element of surprise and interest within your garden. You may want to consider incorporating paving steps and have them lead to the lawn from your back door. 

Paving colours

Believe it or not, there are many different colours of paving to choose from, so you may want to give yours individuality and character by mixing dull tones with colours. Add a burst of colour and enhance your garden with lighter colours to add style and contrast.

  • Brindle
  • Charcoal
  • Red
  • Terracotta
  • Burnt oak
  • Autumn gold
  • Buff

Paving styles and patterns

Paving needn’t be kept in such a regimental order – turn them so they look like diamonds or crafting a ‘broken’ stepping stone path through your garden. You may want to freestyle and merge paving with cobbles and/or pebbles for a calm, zen garden impression – think swirls, circles and unexpected angles.

Pros and cons of paving

  • Pro: Durable
  • Con: Takes longer to install than decking
  • Pro: Low maintenance
  • Con: Weeds can grow through the joins
  • Pro: Good throughout all types of weather

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