Patio Design Ideas 2017

Whether you’re unwinding with a coffee and a book on a lazy weekend or hosting a garden party with friends and family, a patio can be one of the most welcoming spaces your home can have.

If you’ve ever wanted to do more with your garden space but never quite known where to start, a brand new patio design could be just what you need. In this article, we’re looking at some top patio design trends that could breathe new life into your garden.

Social patio space

IMG_9584 By the time summer rolls around people will be itching for a place to spend those sunny afternoons. A patio offers a perfect setting for outdoor garden parties and barbecues, so why not centre your patio design around the social side?

There are plenty of ways to make your patio feel more open and inviting, with space being the overriding factor. A flat, spacious patio is the perfect hosting ground for any gathering. Versatility is important for a social patio area, so focusing on a broad, contemporary design that can decorated to fit the occasion or season will help you make the most of the space.

An open area can be furnished with stylish seating, a space for a barbecue, and even a counter or portable bar where guests can be served drinks. A patio awning or dedicated patio gazebo can also be installed to account for adverse weather conditions.

Private relaxation

Not everyone aims to make their patio the centre of attention, many simply wish for a peaceful spot for their own personal use. A patio makes for a relaxing retreat when you get tired of the indoors, and centering the design on comfort above all can offer some pleasing results.

You might think about making this style of patio smaller and more confined. Nestling it into a corner can give you a sense of privacy, acting as more of a space for observation than a focal point of your garden. Softer furniture can be used for decor and a comfy swing seat is ideal if you’d like a sequestered spot to catch a nap or just unwind.

Combine the patio with a small, manageable planting bed – perhaps in raised borders – and you’ll soon have the perfect place to spend some quality time alone.

Raised patio

IMG_9592 A raised patio can add some striking visual appeal to your garden, being as ornate or as simple as you wish. Raised patios can seamlessly blend into your garden while giving the sense of having two separate areas. You could potentially use the top area for hosting and entertaining guests, while the ground level is used as a dedicated playzone for children at the edge of the lawn.

The raised section can be bordered with attractive fencing, railings or even be skirted by small walls which can be decorated with potted plants and embedded lights.

A small stairway, or a paved rampway, can lead down to the ground level which you can use in a number of ways.

If you have children, a spacious play area at the edge of the grass can be a fun use of space. Plastic slides, small playhouses and plastic cars, scooters or tricycles can be used on the paved surface, while the seating area at the top gives you a comfortable spot to keep an eye on the kids’ activities.

Surrounded by nature

A paved patio doesn’t have to feel like a totally separate place from the greenery of the rest of the garden. On the contrary, a patio can be a great complement to a plant-centric outdoor space. A nice idea to achieve this is by using the backdrop of the patio, dedicating it to a range of plants, shrubs, hedgerows or trees.

A natural border like this makes your patio feel like an organic part of your garden, and you can carry on the theme with your choice of furniture. Wood over plastic, metal or softer furnishings, for example. If you have the space, you can also install a water feature in the centre for an extra touch of tranquility.

Professional patio design

There are many ways to make your patio your own, not just the ideas we’ve mentioned here. To ensure that your patio ends up being exactly right for you it certainly helps to seek out the pros, and R&J Landscapes are your go-to patio experts, no matter your requirements.

R&J Landscapes have over 30 years of experience in designing and creating patios for a range of gardens. We work throughout Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas, designing a custom patio that is catered to your requirements. Our knowledgeable team work closely with you, and strive to provide a flexible and friendly service every time. For more information on our patio services, dont hesitate to get in touch with us today.