Landscaping ideas for small gardens

It is always possible to go big in terms of landscaping – even when you’re working with a small garden. Just because you have a limited space doesn’t mean that your ideas must be limited too. Work with your landscape and go against those size constraints. If you wish to wow yourself and guests, take on board our expert ideas on how to make the most of a smaller garden.

Living walls


These are fabulous additions to small gardens. These thick, textured walls are a great way to maximise your space because they can be worked around the perimeter of your garden, rather than taking up space within it. These types of walls incorporate herbaceous perennials and a mixture of basic plants and if you wish for something a little more challenging, fruiting plants.

Paint walls/fencing white


The colour white reflects the light and opens up any shadowy corners – and thus makes a space look much bigger than it really is. Brightening up your garden will allow you to show off the space you do have, rather than hiding it.

Plant pots


If you have a small garden, reap the benefits of the low-maintenance plants. Decorating with varied sized potted plants can give depth to your garden; you may wish to position the bigger plants towards the end of the garden and smaller ones at the top or vise versa.

Trellis plants


A trellis is a perfect way to incorporate more plants into your garden, it will enhance and bring a small garden to life. Climbing plants such as Ivy and Clematis woven around the body of a trellis can lift your foliage up and off the ground. You may wish to paint your trellis, a striking colour can add create a clever contrast, cutting up the surrounding greenery and drawing the eye across the whole of the garden.

Colourful furniture


Every square footage is vital, so use your space wisely. Gardens are there to offer a little piece of tranquility, a place where you can be at one with nature and unwind from your busy day. With a simple bench or even just a chair in the corner of your small garden, you can accessorise easily, without taking up too much space. Cushions and other soft furnishings can also provide a luxurious touch amongst the earthy atmosphere.

Crisp, contemporary


A little design can go a long way, but keep it simple. Try decorating with soft white pebbles in circles, and plant or pot a colourful plant in the middle. This will draw focus and add a nice finish to your back garden. For an expert eye regarding the crisp and contemporary look, you may wish to hire in the professionals who can offer great experience and quality design.

Aim high


Tall fruit bearing trees or tall backed chairs will elongate the garden. When you build high, you take heavy weight away from the ground, showing more floor space and allowing the light to expose the area you have available.



A pale wooden decking can offer the perfect natural extension to the outside of your home. If your main desire it to be able to relax and unwind in the fresh air, decking the entirety of your back garden will offer a comfortable alternative area (not to mention, it’s the perfect place to entertain and socialise). Talk to your local professionals who can show you a range of decking styles to ensure you get just what you’ve been looking for.

Mirror illusion

Strategically placing a mirror at the very end of your garden will certainly make the area look much bigger. Tricking the eye will give create the illusion that your garden is longer.

Small ponds


Not every landscaping decision you make for your garden needs to be put into place to make your garden look bigger than it really is. Don’t forget to add fun extras such as ponds and water features, after all your garden is a place for you to enjoy.

For inspiration and an expert opinion, talk to our friendly team who can bring back life to your garden and create a lush green landscape, even to the smallest of gardens. We offer a number of expert services including gardening, paving, landscaping, turfing, fencing, decking, tree work and driveway services. For more information or to book our services, contact us today – we’d love to hear from you.