Inspirational Patio Design Ideas

block paving patio

Hard landscaping can be a difficult task for many – especially when you’re trying to strike the right balance between the beauty of nature and the stunning design of man-made features – such as walkways, stairs and patios. This month, our experts are here to shed light on how to add practical touches without taking away from your natural, lush, green garden.

What to think about when designing your patio:

  • What style would best suit your tastes and your garden?
  • Do you want a small or large patio?
  • Where’s best to build your patio?
  • What activities will you be doing in your garden? (hosting family BBQs, sunbathing)
  • Are you looking for a statement design?

Which patio materials?

  • Stone
  • Cement
  • Wood
  • Slate
  • Sandstone
  • Brick
  • Granite

Paving styles and designs

  • Patterned – a patio with a unique design or pattern can enhance any outdoor area. It’s a great way to add a little luxury when hardscaping, whether you’re looking for a splash of colour or texture, there’s something for everyone. Make your concrete aesthetically pleasing and enjoy a little creativity with a patterned patio. 
  • Split level – different levels in your garden can help you to make a divide between a seated area and a fun area – ideal for kids, pets or a social space for hosting parties and events. Having a split level can revolutionise the way you use your garden, allowing you to make the most of each square foot.
  • Brick patio – depending on the shape of patio you wish to create, a nicely coloured brick pattern can complement a garden, adding a beautiful display amongst your greenery.
  • Mosaic – for something unique, choose a mosaic pattern or special design from a picture or piece of artwork you like and incorporate this into your garden. These can be added in a number of ways, into small sections of your garden. They can be installed in a variety of shapes and can be worked in to mark your seating area too. You may even wish to decorate certain areas or position your mosaic nicely under a swing or hammock.
  • Poured concrete – If you’re looking for something simple and plain, poured concrete is a fairly cheap option that offers a space for garden furniture and a heavy duty surface for vehicles. Commonly used for front gardens, to accommodate parked cars. Due to the colour and nature of poured concrete, most people only use it for driveways as it generally isn’t used as a surface in a thriving green garden.
  • Round patio – create a tranquil theme in your garden with a beautiful, rounded patio. Place your chairs around the design, have a fire pit or have it as a centrepiece when you host a family get-together.
  • Square patio – the most common patio style because they offer a very practical space for parties, furniture, plant pots and children’s toys. With such a versatile square shape, you can ensure that your garden will be used to its maximum potential.
  • Paved slab –  this surface is ideal all year around because it is not affected by fluctuations in temperature. Paved slabs have a long lifetime – like concrete, but provide a prettier colour to your garden.
  • Free-form – an asymmetrical surface that best covers a long distance, this is usually paired with the odd feature of mosaic tiling. Homes with swimming pools tend to use free-from patio because it fits seamlessly with any shape and size of pool.
  • Border decoration – for a pretty finish to your garden’s patio, you may wish to embellish the edges with pretty border decoration that can tie in your seating area.

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