How To Prepare Your Garden For Spring

As we (hopefully) start to leave behind the colder weather, dark days and start to move into the early weeks of spring, many of us will begin to venture out into our gardens again. After months of staying indoors, the start of spring marks the time when people want to get their garden back to its best, seeing the emergence of new plants and getting ready to enjoy their outdoor space again.

But, before all of that, there are a few things that any budding gardener should prepare to ensure their garden is ready for springtime. At R & J Landscapes (London), we’ve spent more than 30 years helping homeowners across Watford, Harrow and beyond keep their gardens and outdoor space looking and performing at their best.    

So, to get your garden spring ready, follow these handy tips and make the most of your garden this year. 

Conduct a big clear up

When thinking about how to prepare your garden for spring, the very first thing you should do is conduct a big clear up of your garden. Understandably, during the winter months, many people neglect their garden due to the cold, and often miserable, conditions that hit the UK at this time of year. 

This means that our gardens are often a little worse for wear by the time spring rolls around, so we should take some time to give them a bit of a spruce up. 

Take the time to focus on every area of your garden during this clear up, including:

  • Lawns – Feed your lawn with fertilizer to ensure it grows in a strong, healthy way. Also, take the time to rake your lawn, this will remove any debris or dead grass from your lawn that could cause it to become waterlogged or restrict healthy growth.  
  • Weeds – During winter, it’s likely that weeds have had more opportunity to grow so this should be one of your top priorities. Either using weedkiller or by hand, rid your garden of as many weeds as you can. 
  • Soil – Make sure to rake over the soil to ensure maximum airflow, giving any new plants the best chance of growth. It is also worthwhile to replace your topsoil when preparing your garden for spring.
  • Dead leaves and stalks – Look around your garden and collect any dead leaves or stalks that have fallen to the ground. This is because they can carry harmful bacteria that can attack any plants you attempt to grow. Not an ideal start to spring!
  • Hard landscaping – Your big clear up should not only focus on soft landscaping elements. Also, take the time to give your hard landscaping a clean. This includes sweeping and tidying patios, decking and alike. 
  • Tools – It’s likely that you’ll be using your gardening equipment for the first time in a while, so you should make sure they’re up to scratch. Remove any rust, sharpen them and give them a good wipe down. All tools should be clean so you don’t accidentally spread any bacteria or fungus into your garden.

 Make the most of your compost 

When looking for ways of how to prepare your soil for spring, compost is another great way to go. In springtime, you should make the most of your compost pile. The bottom of the pile will make for a fantastic mulch that you can spread in your flower beds. The nutrients found in this compost pile are perfect for creating a solid soil structure.

If you don’t have a compost pile, then spring is also a good time to introduce one to your garden and can be made use of all year round.     

Prepare for planting 

Undoubtedly the most exciting part of springtime when it comes to your garden is the planting you can do. Whether you’re looking to create your own vegetable patch or just add some new, vibrant flowers to your garden, now is the time to source some seeds and prepare for planting.

If possible, it’s a good idea to use locally sourced seeds as they’re usually better suited to the climate and environment in which you live. Also, consider how much sunlight your garden receives and make sure to purchase seeds that are better suited to your garden’s requirements. 

The best things to plant in early spring include tomatoes, broccoli, parsley and beans.    

The best way to ensure that your garden is ready for spring is to call the professionals. At R & J Landscapes (London), we provide an exceptional garden maintenance service that ensures your garden is always looking its best. From sprucing up your lawn to maintaining your hard landscaping elements, we can do it all taking the burden away from you meaning you can focus on simply enjoying your garden or outdoor space. Supporting gardens in Watford, Harrow and the surrounding areas, get in touch today to find out more.